Get Help for Fire Damage in Las Vegas, NV

Fires can happen unexpectedly and suddenly, leaving your home in ruins and your health at risk. However, with the help of GraEagle Construction, LLC, you can have your home back like new. We provide comprehensive restoration services for fire damage in Las Vegas, NV.

Understand the Damage Fire Leaves Behind

Even after the fire is out, it still leaves behind its mark. A fire-damaged home can contain:

  •         • Unpleasant and toxic fumes and odors

            • Ash and soot that stain leftover remnants and cause health hazards

            • Structural damage that can pose a risk

After a fire, don’t risk your health. Contact us at GraEagle Construction, LLC, for quick fire damage restoration.

Discover How We Can Help You

GraEagle Construction, LLC, is ready to help the minute you call us. We know that time is of the essence. After you’ve called us, we can help:

  •        • Inspect the fire damage

           • Board up any damaged areas to protect against injuries

           • Remove all items damaged by the fire

           • Remove all smoke and soot from the home

           • Clean all salvageable fire-damaged belongings and surfaces

           • Restore your home with repair, replacement, and reconstruction services

Along the way, we’re happy to answer your questions and alleviate your concerns. As soon as your house is ready, we’ll let you know and ensure everything is to your satisfaction.

Additionally, we are happy to help with the insurance claim paperwork. We’ll work with both your insurance company and you to ensure that you get all the necessary repairs for the best prices possible.

Contact Us Today

After a fire has devastated your home, you need an advocate during this emotional and stressful time. GraEagle Construction, LLC, can help. Call us 24/7 at 702-248-0170 to discuss your fire damage needs with us. Whether you have questions or need help now, we’re happy to be there for you.